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Javascript Sudoku

A core-javascript based rendition of the classic 9 number puzzle. Features include:

  • Hours of limitless entertainment
  • Zero Javascript Frameworks
  • 3 mind-boggling difficulty levels
  • HTML5 Canvas driven animations
  • Stimulating Sound Effects
  • 100% Free, with non-minified and open-source code available on GitHub

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Mozenda SQA Stats

A running statistics page of the Bug filing for the Mozenda Software Quality Assurance department, (I no longer work there... But I'll keep this up as long as they still give me access to their API).

  • Daily Updated SQA bug filing statistics
  • Example of Mozenda API use
  • Blue... Lots of Mozenda blue
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Utah Valley University

This is the University I attend, they have an outstanding Computer Science program that I highly recommend you check out. Plus, I wanted to see what another "Tile" would look like on this webpage...So here you go!

  • Utah's largest University! Over 30,000 students!
  • Green... Lots of green
  • Wolverines too, can't pass those up

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