Class Portal

If you have login credentials to actually use the class portal click below. Otherwise, if you just want to see a demo of it, continue reading this page.


Class Portal is an in development project that helps teachers track and manage classroom achievements, 'xp points', and any other additional non-standard-grade type information.

  • Highly configurable, teachers can add various classes, assign individual students to each class, and configure whatever grading setup they prefer.
  • Both point and checklist based progress tracking
  • Teachers manage student account info and login information, so they never lose their account again :)
  • Super rad, and mostly mobile friendly UI
  • 'Quick Calc' Excel-like point calculator, and intuitive hotkeys for rapid progress entry

Student View

  1. Most of the functionality of the program comes from the teachers configuration (as seen above). But the student also has a simple page to view progress / stats.

More technical stuff

  • Vue JS component based frontend
  • NodeJS REST Api backend
  • MongoDB document storage

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